Top 20 Trades That Offer Services To Homeowners

The modern home requires the expertise of different professionals to see it through to completion and keep it running smoothly. While some professionals may have skills in different areas, regulations usually prevent them from working in different fields at the same time. If you would like to learn more about the different types of trades that offer their services to homeowners, keep reading.

Home Sweet Home

1.    Plumbers

Plumbing contractors are responsible for the installation, repair, and smooth operation of the water systems in a building. Some of the services that they provide include connecting a home to the municipal or well water main, installation of water heating equipment, construction and maintenance of drainage and septic systems, repair and maintenance of water fixtures, among many others.

2.    Electricians

Electrical contractors provide very essential services to homeowners. Electricians work on almost all home construction and improvement projects since most of today’s buildings rely on electricity. Electrical contractors install wiring, breaker boxes, and fixtures. They also deal with the power companies to get the power turned off to allow for the safe installation of new systems. Electrical contractors are also involved in the installation of decentralized and alternative energy sources such as geothermal, wind, and solar if the homeowner wishes to switch over to those.

3.    HVAC

HVAC contractors are responsible for the installation, repair, and maintenance of the heating and cooling systems in a home. Also known as air conditioning repairs and installation companies they repair and install reverse cycle air conditioning units. They also install and service boilers, furnaces, as well as the extensive ductwork and piping that is required to regulate temperatures in a modern building. HVAC contractors typically work with plumbing and electrical contractors since their systems are interconnected.

4.    Roofers

The roof of a home is one of the most important components of all. It is responsible for keeping the elements out and protecting the homeowner and their family. Roofing contractors provide the important service of installing and repairing this important component. Roofing contractors go above and beyond to make sure that roof installation is done efficiently and properly and provide roof restoration services in the event that repairs are required or re-painting needs to be carried out to restore the roof to its former glory

5.    Plasterers/Drywallers

Drywall contractors are responsible for installing drywall onto the framing as well as taping, spackling, and sanding the wall smooth. On a properly run drywall job site, they are usually called in once the electricians and plumbers have finished their work, ensuring that works continues smoothly without the different trades stumbling over one another in an attempt to get their respective jobs done.

6.    Painters

Painting contractors are responsible for ensuring that the home is not only presentable but beautiful too. Your local painting experts usually come in as soon as the drywall contractor has finished sanding the drywall. Painting contractors start by applying spackling to the plasterboard followed by the application of finish coats that suit the tastes of the homeowner.

7.    Carpenters

Carpenters are responsible for any jobs in the home that require the use of wood. Carpenters are responsible for the installation of window and door trim, baseboards, and various other interior trim that includes things such as wainscoting and crown moulding. Carpenters are also very critical when undertaking various home improvement projects such as installation of new shelving or making alterations to existing wood fixtures. Carpenters typically work for a local builder and sometimes they start their own businesses

8.    Window Installers and Window Treatment Companies

Windows provide protection from the elements and provide then homeowner with a beautiful view. Windows are great but only when properly installed. Improper installation of windows results in a reduction in the home’s energy efficiency and higher electric bills. Window installation contractors perform the important task of installing windows properly.

9.    Tree Removalists

Trees are lovely and provide much needed shade on sunny days. Unfortunately, trees can also be a problem if the wind starts blowing strongly. A gusty wind can easily topple the tree sending it crashing into your home. Tree removable contractors provide the important role of removing such trees before such a hypothetical scenario becomes reality.

10.    Carpet Cleaners

Carpets keep your home warm and enhance the décor. However, they will eventually get dirty due to frequent use. Carpet cleaning contractors use a variety of cleaning methods such as chemicals, pressure, and steam to ensure that carpets stay clean and ensure that members of the household stay healthy.

11. Locksmiths

The number of your local locksmith company is a very handy thing to have in your contacts list. You never know when you’re going to need a key replacement, lose your keys or get locked out! You hope it never happens but when it does it’s always totally inconvenient. A mobile locksmith can usually get to you within 20 to 3o minutes. Now have you got that number handy?

12. Pest Controllers

Pest including rodents, cockroaches and termites just love to be warm and dry. And where else but inside your home are they going to hang out. That’s why your local pest and termites controller is a very handy person to know. In warmer climates such as the sub-tropical areas of Queensland, termites are a real problem with millions of dollars of damage done annually.

13. Flooring Specialists

14. Solar Panel Installers

15. Shower Screen Installers

16. Building and Pest Inspectors

17. Built-In Wardrobe Fitters

18. Home Renovators

19. Furniture Removalists

20. Termite Inspectors

Final Thoughts:

The 20 trades discussed in this article are some of the most important ones that offer services to homeowners. If you are a homeowner you will find that over a period of time you will use almost everyone of these trades.