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Flooring is one of the most common home repairs that take up much of the set budget. While it is a welcomed idea to relish a luxurious flooring for your home, you still need to consider the cost. Cutting down on the expenditure is good, but this does not mean you need to slash style, function, or both just to bring down the costs.

You still can give your home that new look. It is possible to give your home the best of both without drying up the wallet. Here are a few cheap flooring options you might wish to consider that will give your home a new chic look.

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Sustainable flooring can look beautiful!

• Vinyl Flooring

If you are looking for an option that offer cheap costs in terms of purchase, installation, and maintenance, then you might want to consider vinyl. What you get is a plastic-based option of flooring material that offer excellent resistance to spills and moisture, easy to clean, and comes with an array of color and pattern options. You will not miss something that suits your taste.

• Rammed Earth Flooring

The rammed earth option is one that offers versatility in presentation without diminishing in function. The flooring is a unique combination of straws, sand, clay, gravel, and linseed oil that results in a floor with excellent temperature control. You will have a flooring that looks chic and helps to cool your home.

• Linoleum Flooring

Think of a floor carpeting option that is sturdier than vinyl; that is what you get with linoleum. While vinyl flooring involves place tiles one by one over the floor to achieve a desired pattern, the linoleum is more of a single piece of flooring. Since most of what is available in the market is natural linoleum, what you get is an eco-friendly flooring option that is inexpensive, easy to clean, and has a smooth and glossy finish.

• Stone Flooring

Stone is a naturally abundant material, and this makes it one of the cheapest flooring option. Stone can give your home a contemporary or rustic look depending on your tastes. The earth being a rich supply of various types of stones, you get a vast option of flooring in terms of quality, textures, colors, and patterns.

• Concrete Flooring

It may not be made from eco-friendly materials, but it gives some of the most outstanding eco-friendly results in the construction business. Concrete flooring is a sound choice if you are looking for a flooring option that offers unequaled functionality, durability, and easy maintenance. With options such as staining or covering it with a carpet, concrete floors never limit you on décor options.

• Ceramic Flooring

Ceramics is often the top choice for many homeowners who seek to give their floor a new chic look. Ceramic tiles are durable, offer a wide range of colors and design, cheap, easy to install, clean, and maintain. They have a glossy finish and are ideal for a room with low human traffic.

• Timber Floors

Wood always give a home that natural look. Timber flooring may not come cheap and can prove to be high-maintenance, but they still give some amazing finish. Option to work with wood is more of personal preferences, but it still offer a lot in terms of design. You can opt to use reclaimed wood, which is cheaper that new wood and can still give your home a chic look.

• Carpet

Carpet is a versatile flooring option and is suitable for bedrooms and living room in your home, rental properties and right through to commercial and industrial carpeting applications

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