Roof Restoration

While every company that does business with the public acts differently in some ways, when it comes to proper roof restoration there are a number of things that should be true in all cases. Knowing the standard procedure will help you in being sure that you are getting the level of service that you should. Your roof is the most important part of your home so having as much knowledge as you can is very important.

The first thing that any roof restoration company should do is examine your roof free of charge. During this examination they will be determining whether or not restoration is an option and what type of services need to be performed. Every roof is not able to simply be restored, but as long as there is not major damage it is likely that it can. Once they have conducted a thorough inspection they should provide you with information regarding the status of your roof, detailed information about the work that would be done and an estimation of the costs of that work.

Once the work has been approved the company will first address structural issues. This could be any areas in which the foundation of the roof is not in good shape, such as rotting wood and places in which water has been able to seap in. The company may also install features to better promote the drainage of water to prevent future damage. In some cases sections of the roof may need to be replaced, but that is still much more affordable than a full replacement.

After all structural issues are addressed the roof will be coated with a water sealant. This protects it from the forces of nature and creates a strong foundation to begin the actual restoration. Depending on the type of roof, the weather conditions in the area and the other factors the owner would like focused on, there are number of different substances that can be used for the restoration.

The most common include asphalt, urethane, coal-tar, silicone, polyurea and others. The company providing the services should have discussed with you the pros and cons of each option when providing you with a quote. Depending on the application used the price can vary a great deal.

Now that you know that basics about what type of service a roof restoration company provides you are better prepared to make a wise decision. Be sure that they are helping you to make the best decision for your family and are clearly invested in providing the best service possible.